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Post by MickG666 » 01-28-20 1:14 pm

Hi - is it possible to assign different colours to the notes received on different MIDI channels?


MIDI ch 1 notes - green

MIDI ch 2 notes - red

MIDI ch 16 notes - blue


I use Synthesia only to display incoming MIDI streams from external MIDI devices on different MIDI channels.

I'd like to be able to distinguish each musical/MIDI part by assigning a different note colour to each MIDI channel, please.

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Post by Nicholas » 02-03-20 3:59 pm

For a MIDI song, sure, just change the colors based on the channels, like step #5 in this guide.

In Free Play, only a single color can be picked for (usually) Channel 1.

Otherwise, I'd like to hear more about your "incoming MIDI streams from external MIDI devices" scenario. Which types of devices? And does that mean you're watching the input on the Free Play screen?

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