Key sensitivity and volume at ending of songs

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Post by vertigod » 03-04-20 12:57 pm


I am currently playing on a Yamaha DGX-660B connected through USB to a computer on a win10 laptop on the newest synthesia version.
The issue im struggling with is that the keys become less sensitive during playtime, especially at the end of the song. Its as if I need to push harder and more pronounced for it to register me playing a note.

Does anyone know what I have to do to fix this issue?

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Post by Nicholas » 03-04-20 1:06 pm

That... is very strange. I don't recall ever hearing any problem like this before. It sounds more like a hardware problem than anything else. Synthesia will register a note as being hit correctly no matter the incoming MIDI "velocity", so if it's getting worse over time, it sounds like something is happening with the keyboard.

Does the sensitivity reset when you restart the song? Or did you mean it gets worse during the entire play session?

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