Screen aspect ratio issue on wide cellphones

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Post by Argaen » 03-06-20 11:06 pm

I have a Moto g7 (Android 9 running). This phone has a weird screen aspect ratio, the screen is taller than usual, 1080 x 2270 pixels.

I'm using Synthesia 10.6.5425. I can't see the bottom of the app and I'm not sure if I'm missing something there. It's the only thing stopping me from buying it.


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Post by Nicholas » 03-06-20 11:30 pm

Thanks for the screenshot. Unfortunately, this is a known issue.

Synthesia's UI was designed for tablet-sized screens, but when we released the Android version of the app (back in 2014), we learned that Google Play wasn't especially great at only delivering apps to tablets. Some (large) phones were still included while some (small) tablets were still excluded. So, we threw a couple quick hacks in there to make it mostly-passable and then opened the gates to any Android device.

The plan was to have it be a quick band-aid fix while we were able to really fix all the little details on every screen. That kept getting pushed off time and again for just past 5 years now. :? I am very sorry for the inconvenience!

It's still the plan to support smaller screens more effectively (with an eventual iPhone release on the horizon, maybe), but I can't promise it very soon, unfortunately. The entry "Support phone-sized screens" is currently on line 702 of my task list. So when that chart gets down to around 290 lines, we should have everything cleared up.

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Post by Argaen » 03-06-20 11:56 pm

Thanks for the answer, I'm impressed at both your speed and transparency with the feature queue.
I'll keep an eye out for the next version and most likely but this one in a few days.

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Post by thiagolr » 03-20-20 3:09 pm

I'm also experiencing this issue! =(

If you need any help/advice about Android development (working with it since 2009), please contact me and maybe I can help.

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