10.7 preview r5491 - Simple Multi-Track Song Recording

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Post by Nicholas » 03-06-20 11:13 pm

SYNTHESIA 10.7.5491
Download from the pink box above.


  • Multi-track recorder available from the Free Play screen (when unlocked). Use the "Share" button at the top-left to save as a MIDI file.
  • Settings --> Gameplay --> Play My Parts in the Background, Too.
  • Right-clicking a part's color tile is now a shortcut to quickly set it to gray/hidden.
  • System.ScreensaverInterruptChar advanced setting to change (or disable) which fake key-press is used to prevent screensavers during play.
  • The sheet music display now always shows both hands (regardless of the hand you've selected to play).
  • Free Play demo timer has been removed. Play as long as you like. :D
  • Old-style "configHashes" are now always written to the data files (again).
  • Instead of sometimes double, sometimes no MIDI device reset between screens, it should be a consistent "exactly one reset" now.
  • Fast forward should now always work.
  • Blue sheet music highlight was sometimes not shown when transitioning to the next line.
  • The "Falling Notes" display toggle is now independent between the Play screen and Free Play.
  • When an output device is set to a single MIDI channel, Synthesia now only sends reset messages to that channel (instead of all 16).
  • A (rather old) display artifact on the white keys when zoomed out to all 88 keys (at 1x display scale, with the smallest possible window size) should be fixed.
  • The outlines on labels should no longer be cut off.
For what it's worth---while this is all I'm planning to do for song recording in 10.7---the feature is very bare-bones right now. So bare-bones you might be justified in calling it "half finished"! :lol: The idea is to get something out there and gather feedback on the most important parts that are missing. Rather than front-load it with a bunch of stuff that is completely divorced from reality that I thought might be useful, I figure I'd put it in your guys' hands and hear about what's actually going to make it useful. :D

Next up: down-stems in the sheet music... and that's 10.7 complete.

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