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Post by Nicholas » 03-06-20 11:13 pm

SYNTHESIA 10.7.5491
Download from the pink box above.


  • Multi-track recorder available from the Free Play screen (when unlocked). Use the "Share" button at the top-left to save as a MIDI file.
  • Settings --> Gameplay --> Play My Parts in the Background, Too.
  • Right-clicking a part's color tile is now a shortcut to quickly set it to gray/hidden.
  • System.ScreensaverInterruptChar advanced setting to change (or disable) which fake key-press is used to prevent screensavers during play.
  • The sheet music display now always shows both hands (regardless of the hand you've selected to play).
  • Free Play demo timer has been removed. Play as long as you like. :D
  • Old-style "configHashes" are now always written to the data files (again).
  • Instead of sometimes double, sometimes no MIDI device reset between screens, it should be a consistent "exactly one reset" now.
  • Fast forward should now always work.
  • Blue sheet music highlight was sometimes not shown when transitioning to the next line.
  • The "Falling Notes" display toggle is now independent between the Play screen and Free Play.
  • When an output device is set to a single MIDI channel, Synthesia now only sends reset messages to that channel (instead of all 16).
  • A (rather old) display artifact on the white keys when zoomed out to all 88 keys (at 1x display scale, with the smallest possible window size) should be fixed.
  • The outlines on labels should no longer be cut off.
For what it's worth---while this is all I'm planning to do for song recording in 10.7---the feature is very bare-bones right now. So bare-bones you might be justified in calling it "half finished"! :lol: The idea is to get something out there and gather feedback on the most important parts that are missing. Rather than front-load it with a bunch of stuff that is completely divorced from reality that I thought might be useful, I figure I'd put it in your guys' hands and hear about what's actually going to make it useful. :D

Next up: down-stems in the sheet music... and that's 10.7 complete.

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Post by truedaystar » 04-16-20 11:48 pm

Just Downloaded the R5491.. love the record feature and I like the feature of seeing the full grand staff is I am just working with one hand!! THANK YOU!!!

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Post by Nicholas » 04-17-20 4:45 am

Thanks for the feedback! I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to try it. :lol:

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Post by Jano » 04-17-20 6:01 am

Don't worry I use it daily I just don't have much to say about it, it's great as it is !

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Post by truedaystar » 04-17-20 11:22 pm

I'm not very good yet, but working on it... seems I keep picking really hard songs to try to learn!!!

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Post by miek » 05-06-20 5:44 pm

I have been using the new version for a couple of weeks - I like the "Restart loop after errors" option - it is quite good - but it picks up everything - like if you just accidentally brush a key when stretching across many notes. I know good piano players wouldn't do this but...

The number of tolerated errors It is totally adjustable I know, but I wondered if the sensitivity could be adjusted - and would this be a if it would be a popular option. I have some ideas...
- for it to have a drop off (hysteresis) effect going on if you don't make any mistakes at all - eg: play 10 notes correctly, then one wrong - it goes up to count that error - but if you make the next ten notes then the counter goes back to zero.
- Or if it knows you have 4 notes to get with one hand and then another three, so it gives you a bit of lea-way for that error.
- Or if the error is a very short tap of the wrong key, compared to the duration of the next note

I like the way you can click on the score and it moves there :)


When trying to create a loop you can click in the sheet notes and it will move there. But when your mouse pointer gets near the top left of the sheet music, clicking there will take you back to the beginning of the song (even if the top left of the sheet music is not on the first bar.

The loop control buttons (Loop Start / End / Entire Loop) don't now move/stretch the loop start and end like they did before. They either move it to the next bookmark, or where the beginning and end of the song is. I think the previous versions moved it by one measure a time.

When dragging with the mouse in the measure window at the top, when the pointer moves out of the measure window you stop dragging it and have to start again. To get round this I try now to move my mouse as horizontally as possible.

Lastly, when you have sheet music up on multi line and try to create a loop, the page does not shift when you drag over the visible page. i.e. Say that the sheet music is showing bars 1 - 8, on two lines and you want to create a loop on bars 4 to 12. It's brill that you can click and get the start of the loop in the right place, but you can't drag the loop down to bar 12 because the sheet music doesn't move down. The work arounds are to zoom out of sheet music so that you can see the bars, or before going into the loop settings note the measures that you want to loop and then go into the loop setting but only drag in the measure window at the top.

I am liking the multiline sheet music display, and I am using it a lot with the piano display at the bottom - for when I get stuck with the notes on the sheet.

I am not sure if it has been said before, but if you want to get more screen space for the sheet music or falling notes, when you move down the piano at the bottom, it doesn't scale, so you loose the spots on the white keys first but it still shows the black keys until it is moved almost off the page. Maybe some kind of scaling in the vertical direction would be a popular feature.
It is OK on my laptop screen but others my be using it on smaller displays?

I hope this helps.

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Post by miek » 05-17-20 4:52 pm

Just wanted to add: I notice on the free play, on my computer at least (windows 10), It doesn't say 'F' properly - All the others are fine.
F notes onfree play synthesia.png
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Post by Gregor » 05-18-20 4:54 am

Hello!, I have also done the test in Windows 10 and no error appears when showing the note tag

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Post by paronym » 05-19-20 6:04 pm

Hi, I just purchased Synthesia for PC as I'm excited to see that it is getting recording capability and I wanted to try it out in the Preview of v10.7.

My initial feedback is this:

It would be useful if there were playback controls in the Free Play area, so I could immediately play back my recording. My main use would be to record me playing something, then immediately play it back to see how good it was, so I could decide whether to delete it, add more recording to it, or keep it. Right now, it seems it is necessary to first save the recording, and then come out of the Free Play area and go to Play a Song area to load the recorded song. Which is a bit tedious.

Also, it would be useful to be able to delete all the tracks/instruments at once, rather than one-by-one.

Anyway, that's my initial feedback. I'm excited to have found this application, which does most of what I was looking for, and I'm looking forward to future releases!

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Post by paronym » 05-19-20 11:53 pm

I've found a bug in this Preview version that doesn't appear to exist in v10.6.

In this 10.7 Preview, I've found that when I go into 'Play a Song', the very first note of any music doesn't play any sound on my Casio keyboard. Whether I use 'Watch and Listen Only' or 'Practice the Melody', the first note makes no sound. It's not a timing issue -- in 'Practice the Melody' mode, even if I wait several seconds before hitting the first note, it still makes no sound. Only from the 2nd note onward does the sound work.

I've installed the latest stable version (v10.6) to compare and haven't been able to reproduce the issue there. That version seems to work fine.

I'm using a Casio CT-S300 keyboard with Windows 10. My input and output are both set only to 'CASIO USB-MIDI'.

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Post by Gregor » 05-20-20 12:24 pm

It would be nice to give the option to overwrite file if possible
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Post by Gregor » 05-20-20 12:35 pm

Hello ! When it comes to deleting a track, I think it would be much more practical if you could drag the trash directly onto a track.

I find missing the possibility of being able to individually listen to the created tracks
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