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Post by jacomana » 03-25-20 11:37 am

I use Synthesia version 10.1 (my computer does not support other versions), I am a beginner in music, the MIDI scores use the melody notes (they are those that interest me) but for the left hand there are really too many notes (at the end for me) I would like to play with the right hand for the melody and with the left hand the chords.
My question is to know if we can have Synthesia midi scores which only indicate the melody and chords?
Thank you for your answers.

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Post by jacomana » 03-26-20 8:46 am

Pas de réponse ............., je vais essayer de reformuler ma souhaite jouer avec synthésia (je ne sais pas lire les partitions) je peux jouer uniquement la mélodie ,main droite OK avec N° de doigts ,mais je voudrai avoir aussi les accords standards ou simplifié (C,D,G,F,etc....) main gauche de manière à utiliser le rythme de mon synthétiseur.
j'ai lu sur un de vos sujet "Avec le travail à venir de MusicXML, il est possible de coder explicitement les accords. Cela pourrait être une avenue intéressante pour commencer à afficher plus d'informations sur les accords." Est ce que cela existe ou existe t'il un logiciel capable en format midi de m'indiquer la mélodie et les accords?

No answer ............., I will try to rephrase my question. I wish to play with synthesia (I cannot read the scores) I can only play the melody, right hand OK with No. of fingers, but I would also like to have standard or simplified chords (C, D, G, F, etc.) left hand so as to use the rhythm of my synthesizer.
I read on one of your subjects "With the upcoming work of MusicXML, it is possible to explicitly code the chords. This could be an interesting avenue to start posting more information on the chords." Does this exist or is there a software capable in midi format to indicate me the melody and the chords?

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Post by jimhenry » 03-26-20 3:27 pm

MIDI was developed to communicate musical performance information between musical instruments. It was never intended to be a way of communicating a musical score to a human performer. The falling notes display in Synthesia works pretty well because what is displayed are note bars that indicate when the notes would be on. The sheet music display has always been subpar in Synthesia because it is "reverse engineered" from the minimal information in a MIDI file.

In Synthesia 11 there are going to be major improvements in the sheet music display. The "reverse engineering" of MIDI files is being improved. The ability to use MusicXML files, which include information about how the sheet music should look, is being added.

I don't know what is meant by "explicitly code the chords" in MusicXML. Perhaps this means putting the chord names above the staff. That probably can be done without too much trouble. But the question is, what does that mean for Synthesia in terms of watching and grading your performance? Right now Synthesia tells you to play specific notes at specific times and it grades you on playing the right notes at the right time. Chord symbols only suggest the notes and do not really suggest when the notes should be played. Trying to grade whether you have done the right thing based on a chord symbol would be pretty hard. Even trying to decide if you have done something wrong amongst all the notes you might be playing in addition to the melody would not be easy.

What are you hoping Synthesia will do for you beyond what paper sheet music having the melody and chords (a lead sheet) does for you?
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Post by jacomana » 03-26-20 6:54 pm

Thank you for your complete response.
On youtube I see this song I downloaded it as a MIDI file to play it with Synthesia only the left hand notes are completely different from that of the Midi score, I would like to have the same file as the attached photo. How can we get this file?
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