Battery issue on Amazon Fire tablet

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Post by zenoxe » 04-17-20 1:50 pm

I'm using Synthesia 10.6.5425 on my Amazon Fire 8 (8th gen) tablet running Fire OS (derived from android ver 7.1.2).

I've had some issues with my battery mysteriously draining, so I installed GSam Battery monitor, granting it access to all battery stats through the android debug bridge (adb).
As you can see, it was draining itself overnight whilst the screen was turned off.
I'm not sure whether this is a Fire tablet quirk, or whether the app doesn't properly stop running.
This of course doesn't happen if I manually disable the app after each use, but I tend to forget and am left with a dead tablet.

Ps. I know it's not technically available on the Amazon store, but I'm still able to grab it and run it through the Play Store.
And it runs perfectly fine, aside from the battery thing. I'd be interested in knowing whether this is a broader issue.

Hopefully that's enough for you to replicate it; if you've got any questions and I'd be happy to provide more details.
Cheers, Kyle T.

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Post by Nicholas » 05-23-20 2:15 am

Sorry for the trouble (and the wait on this reply)!

Are you able to try the latest development preview of 10.7 (APK available from the pink box, here)?

I think I recall addressing a power-usage problem on Android when running in the background.

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