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Posted: 05-18-20 10:54 am
by Walter Silva
Every day that passes, or Synthesia has been gaining a great importance for the learning of Piano and Electronic Keyboard, in this market other software appeared that enter this dispute, I will mention one that attracted a lot of attention and is called "Chordie App" he shows chord formation information and a chart whenever you press the key or chord, would that be possible in Synthesia Game? or was he running away from Synthesia's proposal?
I saw that the FreePlay function has this, but the information is very limited ... different from didactic software.

Posted: 05-18-20 12:37 pm
by Gregor
I think what you mention can be done in this version, in free mode


Posted: 12-18-20 1:58 pm
by SlippyStoat
Yes, I have the same desires. Just did a post before...