First note doesn't play any sound in v10.7 Preview

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Post by paronym » 05-21-20 9:40 am

Hi, I posted a message in the thread called "10.7 preview r5491 - Simple Multi-Track Song Recording", but I see other threads are getting actively replied to while the messages (from multiple users) in that particular thread don't seem to be getting replies (Nicholas, may I suggest using the link for 'Active Topics' view when visiting the forum?). So I thought I'd try posting here in the bug reports section in the hopes it may be seen.

Anyway, below is the message I posted to that thread:

I've found a bug in this Preview version that doesn't appear to exist in v10.6.

In this 10.7 Preview, I've found that when I go into 'Play a Song', the very first note of any music doesn't play any sound on my Casio keyboard. Whether I use 'Watch and Listen Only' or 'Practice the Melody', the first note makes no sound. It's not a timing issue -- in 'Practice the Melody' mode, even if I wait several seconds before hitting the first note, it still makes no sound. Only from the 2nd note onward does the sound work.

I've installed the latest stable version (v10.6) to compare and haven't been able to reproduce the issue there. That version seems to work fine.

I'm using a Casio CT-S300 keyboard with Windows 10. My input and output are both set only to 'CASIO USB-MIDI'.

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Post by Nicholas » 05-21-20 12:01 pm

paronym wrote:
05-21-20 9:40 am
... but I see other threads are getting actively replied to...
Messages from two months ago. (And an easy one here-and-there from the top of the list.)

I just started going through the long list. There are 74 messages I haven't seen yet. I've seen yours in the middle. I hope to answer it soon. Sorry for the wait. :?

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