crash on my PC

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Post by Palgonca » 06-22-20 9:52 pm

Im an ipad wonner but i try a version on my PC.
It crash evry time i try to openit and it gave me an crash dump file in anex.
Can help about this problem?

Synthesia r5311 Crash.dmp
(2.36 MiB) Downloaded 3 times

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Post by Nicholas » 06-23-20 4:18 pm

It looks like you're using an older Synthesia 10.6 development preview. If you download the latest version (either official from the download page or the latest 10.7 development preview), does the crash still happen?

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Post by Palgonca » 06-23-20 7:57 pm

from the synthesia site i download the last version for win PC 10.6 again.
The software crash when try to open the inicial window and generate again a new dump file.
Synthesia r5425 Crash.dmp
(2.18 MiB) Downloaded 1 time

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Post by Anonymous997 » 06-23-20 8:06 pm

It might be something with your computer. When synthesia crashes, does it show an error message, and what does it say if it does? There are certain hardware and/or driver requirements for running certain versions of Synthesia. What OS are you using and what version? If other versions work fine, then it might be something else.

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