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Posted: 12-18-20 1:52 am
by Binlade95
I bought piano and it comes from German by Air Freight.
piano will be packed with cardboard.

i worried about the low humidity and cold weather affect piano (benachrichtigungstöne mp3). it's almost -3'C-0'C and 10-20% humidity in my country now.

and i have to remove the cardboard box outside to moving the piano.

is it fine to piano moving in this cold weather without any problem ?
and what's the best way to make my home good for a piano in cold weather ?

Posted: 12-18-20 9:29 am
by Nicholas
If it happens relatively quickly, I can't imagine there would be much danger. Usually low-humidity damage takes more than a couple days to occur.

Posted: 12-18-20 10:20 am
by jimhenry
If you are talking about a digital piano, there isn't much that is particularly sensitive to temperature and humidity. Acoustic pianos are another matter entirely. But from what you described it doesn't sound like an acoustic piano is involved because you'd need to involve professional piano movers.