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Posted: 12-18-20 1:20 pm
by SlippyStoat

I've got some minor feature requests for synthesia which would add a lot of value to the game.

### Show chords in play along mode ###
This would help a lot to memorize pieces. The chord regocgnition works already in free to play mode so why not making it available in the other mode too?

### - Show counting in play along mode ###
1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + 4 e + a etc. where the actual char is highlighted to recognize offbeats better.
This would help to improve and memorize the rhythm better. It's also hard to recognize on what note the beat is played so it would help to see how to accent the note.

BTW, in the recently played list it would be nice to make entries removeable. Also there is a bug that entries are doubled when an existing midi was updated.

Posted: 07-11-21 6:02 pm
by Nicholas
Show chords in play along mode: I worry that mis-detection (especially in poor quality MIDI where things haven't been split correctly) might make this a little noisier and less valuable than it could be otherwise.

A better path than using the automatic chord detection feature might be to use any chord names that are stored in a MusicXML file. Because that's essentially "ground truth" data, Synthesia would be able to rely on it.

Show counting in play along mode: That's an interesting idea. Did you mean you wanted the counting as a kind of extra label mode?
SlippyStoat wrote: 12-18-20 1:20 pmAlso there is a bug that entries are doubled when an existing midi was updated.
It's kind of a tricky problem. From Synthesia's perspective, it's seen two different files that happen to have the same filename. How does it know the "old" one is actually gone forever? Or did you mean that you saved over the old file and it's on the exact same path? (If so, that's definitely a bug!)

Posted: 12-19-22 5:13 am
by odod
Make the music notes available on freeplay and also ability to detect chord names
like Chordie and Midiculous app

Posted: 12-20-22 1:15 pm
by Nicholas
odod wrote: 12-19-22 5:13 am... and also ability to detect chord names...
There should already be chord names on the Free Play screen. And the upcoming 10.9 update just made them even better.

Or did I misunderstand and you meant something else?