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Posted: 08-08-21 12:47 pm
by ddatx
Synthesia is a great app to display the falling note for midi files. I love it. And thank you Nicholas for creating the application.

However, we only can view it thru the computer monitor/ipad/tablets which they have a small screen. Sometimes I find it is hard to allocate the playing note on the tiny screen during practicing.

But what if you have 1:1 mapping showing in front you ( please see the attached picture), at least for me, it makes the practicing much fun and effective. I am very happy with the setup. I am also working on a project to create this setup easily for people.

Let me know what you all think of this setup. I will appreciate it.

Posted: 08-08-21 4:44 pm
by Nicholas
If you get the keystone on the projector just right, you can use the little blue box that pops out while paused to drag the on-screen keyboard all the way down and make it completely hidden.

Then, the "Custom" option under the zoom magnifying glass icon is designed for precisely this use case: it gets rid of snapping to whole white keys so that you can match it against large monitors or projectors. (This is also why all of the controls and information displays were moved from the bottom of the screen to the top about 10 years ago.)

Playing Synthesia this way is a ton of fun. You can completely drop the mental translation of on-screen-keys-to-real-keys because the notes are falling directly to your real piano keys.

Posted: 08-08-21 7:02 pm
by ddatx
oh, I don't know about these settings until you told me. :geek: :geek:

Posted: 12-13-21 4:08 am
by discopatrick
I'm setting up something similar, but using a 42 inch TV.

The screen is 92cm wide and almost covers an 88 key keyboard, but misses 6 white keys at either end. That should be enough for the pieces I'm learning at the moment. I might have to shift the TV to the left a bit and gain a few of the lower keys at the expense of the higher ones.

I've found a TV stand on Amazon that I think will do the job nicely - adjustable height, can be placed flush against the wall to save space, and has a base that leaves space to place your pedals (other stands have a large glass base plate that would get in the way). ... 8RJWEFNKFT

It's nice to read above that the developer added features with these use cases specifically in mind - thank you!! 🙂

I'll let you all know how I get on...