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Posted: 08-30-21 10:01 am
by dxhowardjack

I had bought the full license. (I prefer to play it on my Android)

First time I use the ideal record feature, it gives me a weird feeling.
Like a monk knocks wooden fish xD. (I don't like them ;-;)

I am wondering whether it has a config option to switch the tick sound on or off?
I hope it has this function.

Sorry for my picky advice, but it really disturbs my inspiration. :grimace:
I would say "Thank you", "Thank you", and "Thank you" if you could fix it in further releases. :mrgreen:

Thank you.

Posted: 08-30-21 1:23 pm
by Nicholas
Hmm. This is a totally reasonable request.

The metronome tick is there to try and help you align your notes to the measures. Otherwise, the quantization feature (during export) won't really work at all. The faint, vertical-scrolling measure lines aren't a great substitute by themselves, so I'm worried that without the ticking, it will be very challenging to match anything up at all.

I usually try to avoid options that just make other features in the app harder to use, but in this case I can see where you're coming from.

I had already planned (currently line 144 of the list) on allowing the recording to use the current beat "style" from the drop-down (that is available when not recording) and even bake that in as a percussion track in the final song. Perhaps the answer is to add the simple ticking metronome to that list and then simply respect the user's preference when they hit record? You could just choose "Disabled" and leave it at that to have no sound at all.

Posted: 11-21-21 7:37 am
by gnutix
Hello there! Am I right that this feature has not yet been developed / released ? Would it be released in Synthesia 10.8 / 10.9 or only in 11 ?
I too would very much like this idea of being able to record without the metronome tick, especially as I like to play ballads where respecting the beat is not really my focus (feelings are, though).

I guess the answer is the same as here : viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10258
I don't really understand what's the quantization thing you're talking about though.. :?

Posted: 11-21-21 8:39 am
by Bavi_H
gnutix wrote: 11-21-21 7:37 amI don't really understand what's the quantization thing you're talking about though..
Shifting the position of notes to align with quarter notes (or eighth notes, or so on) is called quantization.

In Synthesia, when you save a song you recorded in the Free Play mode, there's an option called "Snap to Nearest" with values of Off, Sixteenth Note, Eighth note, or Quarter Note. If your performance was too far away from the metronome's tempo, using a snap setting that's not "Off" would result in very messed up notes.

Posted: 11-21-21 11:17 am
by Nicholas
gnutix wrote: 11-21-21 7:37 amAm I right that this feature has not yet been developed / released ?
That's correct. I've got it--and several other Free Play recording improvements--on the list for this very next (10.9) update cycle. It's only ~105 lines away on the list.

Posted: 06-18-22 9:31 pm
by Nicholas
This is vaguely unfortunate news: I finally got to that part of the task list, and the "use one of the other beat styles during recording" features I mentioned in post #2 on this page brought up a number of technical (and UX) questions that I don't have good answers for without ballooning the amount of effort required well past what I had intended for this cycle.

So I've decided to push that particular feature back and instead settled on something approaching a workaround: the style popup is going to get a new volume slider. That slider will also affect the metronome tick during recording. (So, you can simply set the volume all the way to zero to turn it off. Or, if you want to know when the beats are occurring but don't want as big of a distraction, you could set it to around 15% or so.) This enables several new scenarios at the same time and requires much less work to implement. It's not quite as useful as the earlier feature would have been, but in terms on the utility gained vs. development effort graph, it's going to end up something like 10x better than the other.