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Posted: 07-30-22 7:01 am
by Jano

Is it possible to give some notes a different color on sheet music display ? I mean like this :


I thought maybe this is an option through modding ? If it's not, would you consider adding it in a future version ?

Thanks a lot ! :D

Posted: 08-02-22 11:55 am
by Nicholas
That's a nice mockup. When I've thought about giving the sheet music the same coloring as the falling note blocks in the past, I'd imagined only the note heads would be in a different color (since stems and beams can also be part of just about anything else given a complicated enough piece of music).

Out of curiosity, what did you plan to use the colors in your mockup for? Are they some sort of reminder/annotation to play those notes a certain way?

Posted: 08-04-22 1:48 am
by Jano

It's a screenshot from this video : (the interesting bit starts after 3min30s). I'll let you watch it she will explain it better than me ;)

Posted: 08-08-22 6:40 pm
by Nicholas
I like that video a lot. (Checking just now, I've actually exchanged a few emails with Sydney over the years without realizing it.)

It sounds like customizable per-pitch coloring (even for the falling notes) would be helpful in that case, too. At least, it would save a lot of manual data-entry time. You could just set those three pitches to those colors and the rest of the pitches to black and in just a few clicks you'd get exactly that view in all your songs automatically.

Hmm. Right now the sheet music display is strictly monochrome (like, all the way through the entire back-end of the engine to the point where the bytes are uploaded to the graphics hardware), so it would be a bit of a technology shift under the hood to add color. That said, this would be much easier to add to the falling notes.