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Posted: 08-09-22 5:28 am
by trickybilly
I use Synthesia's different scale exercises very often plus I use Synthesia to help me practice songs. Because of that during a practice session I open around 3 songs. When I change to the next song sometimes my keyboard loses connection so I have to turn it off and on again to establish the connection again.

I use a Samsung S9 Plus phone to run the latest Synthesia app. Phone OS is Android 10, ONE UI 2.5.
I have a CASIO CDP130 keyboard.
This error never emerges when I connect my keyboard with my PC.

Posted: 08-09-22 9:54 am
by Nicholas
On the Settings screen inside Synthesia (on the Android version), do you see a choice at the top for "Music Device Connection Method"? If you do, try choosing the other option in that list. Then, swipe the app completely closed. After that, does your keyboard still disconnect between songs?

Posted: 09-07-22 6:37 am
by trickybilly
Sorry for the late reply, I wanted to test your solution for a couple of weeks. The other option "Built-in USB-MIDI driver" just made things worse, so I am back to the original option "Android M MIDI".

Posted: 09-07-22 1:14 pm
by Nicholas
Hmm, strange. The only thing I can think is that the burst of MIDI messages sent between screens to kind of clear out any lingering state (all notes off, reset to instrument 0, etc.) is just on the edge of being too much for the keyboard to handle at once.

On the desktop versions of Synthesia you can get access to the advanced configuration window where almost all of those messages can be silenced, but on Android there isn't quite as much control exposed. The only way to limit it (to only 3 of the 4 usual messages for each channel being sent) is by disabling Settings --> Advanced --> Instrument Change Messages.

If you turn that option off, does that make it disconnect less often? Also, have you noticed if the disconnects are more frequent if you rapidly change between screens? Is it less common if you wait for a split second between jumping between screens? (The big reset is sent once per screen change.)