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Posted: 09-01-22 1:54 pm
by Drali.g
Hello Nicolas
Recently I have updated to version 10.9-5838 on my android device. after installation, I added my user profile but sadly all of my practice statistics were lost and I cannot get them back!
First I thought maybe I am adding my user profile name wrongly so first I added a random user and practiced on a song to get some statistical data on this user. then I reinstalled Synthesia, I added the same random user (which I am sure is correct for this experiment) and again it shows the record for this user profile is zero :(
I have been convinced that my statistic data of several months of practice on my songs is lost but if there is any way to get them back please let me know.
and please make sure that it is not supposed losing all statistics over each update next time.

Posted: 09-05-22 10:52 am
by Drali.g
I have found a solution to backup my statistics and settings on my rooted android device.
If it can halp you let me know and I will wrote the solution here for you.

Posted: 09-06-22 11:56 am
by Nicholas
Well, rooting does make it easier for sure. I wish there were an easier solution we could recommend to others.

I've been curious if the Google cloud backup stuff would do the job. I've never used it, but it seems like it's also able to back up the private files from apps.

And, ideally, once we finish switching this information over to a SQLite database, it should be much more resilient to failure/corruption than our old-timey XML files.

Posted: 09-22-22 2:25 pm
by JonesR
My profile seems to be gone after 10.9.5838 update as well on my Android tablet. I had many years of progress no longer accessible. All the settings were also deleted. My version of Synthesia said it was no longer unlocked. Color profiles, song preferences, hand profiles, custom instruments all gone. That a lot of work just gone in a poof.

If you have a solution, please let us know. My tablet is not rooted.

Posted: 09-22-22 6:13 pm
by Nicholas
I am very sorry to hear about the data loss. Android seems to do this a little more than the other platforms and we've spent years trying to track it down. (Something like 20+ experiments in the code to see if anything would change/prevent it in the very rare cases, but nothing seems to have done any good.)

The switch over to storing things in a SQLite database should make things more robust. (SQLite in WAL mode was the only database that was able to store things without corruption in that test). But if Android is doing something like pulling the rug out by changing the data folder's location between app updates or something else strange like that, even this countermeasure won't work.

In the end, it might have to be some save-in-the-cloud feature to make sure we have ultimate control over the integrity of the data...

I don't know of any workaround (unless you have a recent backup of your Android device). I am very sorry again.