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Posted: 09-30-22 3:53 am
by ofzatt
By because you didn't update for videocreater, so I don't know how to hide the drop lines. Is there any other way? thank you.

Posted: 09-30-22 9:16 am
by Nicholas
If you launch Synthesia 10.4 (not the video creator), the usual F4 shortcut (while a song is playing) should work. Then, after closing Synthesia, the video creator should follow that same preference.

Posted: 10-01-22 6:00 am
by ofzatt
Thanks so much, And one more small question. Is there any preference like this to hide the left or right hand bar (audio is still played, just dropping bar is visible). Thanks

Posted: 10-01-22 1:19 pm
by Nicholas
This will be similar: make a change in Synthesia 10.4, close it, and then make the video using the video creator utility.

In this case, you'll want to look at step #5 of the song setup guide. That gray choice with the red X will hide a part's notes.