How change the scale?

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Post by DeKa3r »

I need help :).
How change the scale into of synthesia? All my midi have C Major by default and need change this parameter if is possible into of synthesia. My system cpu is windows. Thanks :D
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Post by Bavi_H »

Synthesia can't change the key signature information in an existing MIDI file, but you can hide the key signature display from the falling notes section if you want. On the falling notes screen, click the bookmark icon, turn off the switch for "Key Signatures", then click the bookmark icon again to resume playing.

If you are familiar with music theory and know how to tell what the key of a song is, you can use a MIDI file editor to change or insert the key signature(s) in a MIDI file. On a Windows operating system, you can use Sekaiju to change or insert a key signature as follows:

1. In the Track List window, right click in the area above the measure numbers, then choose "Modify Key Signature". (If that is disabled, you can choose "Insert Key Signature".)


2. Choose the options you want and click OK. (To insert a Key Signature at the beginning, type in 1:1:0 for the time.)

If you know the key note (tonic), you can look in this table to find the number of sharps or flats in the key signature:

Code: Select all

tonic  major  minor
C      0#     3b
C#/Db  5b/7#  4#
D      2#     1b
D#/Eb  3b     6b/6#
E      4#     1#
F      1b     4b
F#/Gb  6#/6b  3#
G      1#     2b
G#/Ab  4b     5#/7b
A      3#     0#
A#/Bb  2b     5b/7#
B      5#/7b  2#
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Post by DeKa3r »

Thanks Bavi! :D
I see that no is possible change this parameter on Synthesia :(
Thank you for answering my question.
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