Android/PC discount still available?

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Post by Myradiel »

Hello everyone!

I've got a question about the android version of Synthesia because I've heard that it's possible to claim a discount for the PC version after the android version purchase.

Does the actual winter sale discount add up?
Or perhaps the android ver. discount after purchase is not available anymore?

Thanks in advance!
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Post by Nicholas »

The Android-to-"full" unlock discount is still available. The two deals (Android + winter sale) do combine, so you end up only paying $19 more (the difference between the Android unlock and the current $29 sale).

Just follow these steps:
1. Open Synthesia on an Android device that recognizes the in-app purchase.
2. Head over to Settings --> Unlock Synthesia.
3. Tap the "Claim your discount" button below the "Everything is unlocked" box.

That should take you back to this website, but now it should automatically recognize that you're eligible for the post-Android purchase discount and show the price as $19 instead.
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