5 star rating instead of 4 star

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Post by Pessi »

Well, not much more to add really, I may be the only person ever to really care about this. But given that I have almost 9k songs already and I rate all my songs it does annoy me just slightly that the rating is 4/4 stars instead of 5/5, which would give me just that tiny bit more variety to the ratings I would like to have.
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Post by Nicholas »

Internally it's stored on a scale of 100. The metadata editor exposes the full range, but the visual shown in the app will still be locked to whole-stars. I think sorting by the rating will still respect the more granular value.

The actual stars themselves are just artwork. (To drive the point home: the "difficulty" rating next to it uses the exact same UI control; the only difference is the texture and the snapping. It's also stored as 0 to 100 internally.) Before the star texture was updated last, I think I had it snapping to half-stars. It was a little hard to manipulate on touch screens, so I switched it over to whole-stars. There isn't any reason it couldn't be a continuous slider besides it being almost impossible to choose the same rating twice in a row.
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Post by diggidoyo »

Neat suggestion, five star ratings would give us the flexibility to rate songs on a more intuitive scale:

Poor - Fair - Good - Great - Amazing

Having only four stars means we have to drop one of those categories.
I've been simply substituting the Poor rating with zero stars, but it would be nice to differentiate between these and unrated songs.
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