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I'm a new piano learner of now 6 months and thanks to Synthesia making in my view amazing progress - thank you Nicholas for making this available and in my view at such a reasonable price and no subscription requirement!

I'm mainly using the sheet music view and for me the 'wait' mode has been the most significant single feature that has been responsible for my progress so far!

Apologies if these suggestions are not new but grateful if these could be considered for a future update:

- the 'Recently Played' field/pane to be made scrollable (my most import feature request!) - I use this list to organise my practice

- as I'm mainly using the sheet music view could the 'loop stats' be made visible in the sheet music view as I have to keep switching to the 'falling notes' view to see how I'm doing!

- being able to print out or export my stats

Many thanks,


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