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Posted: 06-04-23 12:50 am
by Chompy
It would be cool to have custom particles along with the ability to define custom movement, size, start/end colours, random movement, and other things too, like adjusting the keyboard spark lighting (how intense it is, or the contrast for example or even the sound played during fanfare). Sorting these options into a settings tab named "Particles" (from the side list) would be a good idea.

Another way to add particle modification would be through an XML file simply called "particles.xml", as this would allow us to modify the game's particles that are used when you perform well, and when notes strike the keyboard, etc. There should really be an ability to add your own custom sounds, as this would be even more fun. If no image or sound is provided, then it would default to the normal default particles and fanfare used. (this may be a bit tricky to implement, but worth it). :D

Posted: 06-04-23 4:59 am
by Bavi_H
Chompy wrote: 06-04-23 12:50 am[...] ability to add your own custom sounds [...] fanfare used
For the Windows version of Synthesia, you can use a resource editor change the fanfare to any MIDI file you want:

Open Synthesia.exe in a resource editor, then look in the SONGS folder and replace the EFFECTPROGRESSFANFARE item with the MIDI file you want to use as the fanfare.

Posted: 06-19-23 3:27 pm
by Chompy
I'm on macOS. I'm not sure how you would replace the fanfare sound on macOS.. :?:

Posted: 06-19-23 4:13 pm
by Bavi_H
Chompy wrote: 06-19-23 3:27 pmI'm on macOS. I'm not sure how you would replace the fanfare sound on macOS..
I don't have a Mac to test with. Before you try the steps below, you may want to back up a copy of Synthesia or make sure you can re-download Synthesia if anything goes wrong. Then try the following steps:

1. Go to your Applications folder.
2. Right-click on the Synthesia app and choose "Show Package Contents".
3. If you look around in there, you will find a file called effectProgressFanfare.mid. You can try replacing that with whatever MIDI file you want to use for the fanfare.