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Posted: 06-13-23 6:46 pm
by sukori
I don’t have a computer… only iPad and iPhone. I have the unlocked version. How can I add songs without using a computer?

Posted: 06-13-23 11:33 pm
by Nicholas
Usually it should be as easy as choosing/downloading the song in some other app (say, Safari) and then choosing Synthesia from the "Open with..." menu.

If you have lots of songs you want to add all at once, you can use the Files app. There should be a Synthesia folder in the "On my iPad" section. Copying or moving files into that folder should make them show up in the song list inside Synthesia immediately.

Posted: 06-14-23 6:43 pm
by sukori
Unfortunately, there is no option to open the file… it saves automatically to my iCloud but I can’t choose where to open it, only where I can “share” the file. I use that feature to open files in different apps often, but Synthesia wasn’t an option. Also I cannot locate the Synthesia folder

Posted: 06-16-23 12:05 am
by Nicholas
Do you happen to know which type of song file it is? Synthesia should show up in the "Share" list for both MIDI and MusicXML files. Those usually have a .mid, .midi, .musicxml, or .mxl file extension.

Are you trying to open a different kind of song than any of those?

Posted: 06-17-23 6:16 pm
by sukori
Ohhhhh- yeah I was trying to open a .mp3 file (*´ー`*)
Lemmie try midi! Thank you!

Posted: 06-17-23 6:21 pm
by sukori
It works! Thank you so much you’re a life saver

Posted: 06-17-23 6:30 pm
by sukori
Now the other question would be how to make it actually sound like a song… this was what I was expecting, because there is so much overlap and sounds in the song, once they all get converted to Synthesia the app counts them as sounds and sometimes it’s a bit unnecessary if you know what I mean