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Posted: 06-17-23 6:47 pm
by sukori
I don’t have the correct words to describe my issue… I don’t know why I just can’t put it into words…
So, I have my .MIDI file of a song. The song isn’t mine, I didn’t write the song, it was taken from YouTube. (Yk what I mean?)
Idk English just isn’t working for me today :oops:
Anyway, when I imported it to Synthesia it sorta sounded like the song, but it was “cluttered”?? Like… it had too many notes that weren’t needed…
So I’m wondering if there is a way to edit the resulting track and add and delete some piano notes?
If not this would be a great feature and I would be forever grateful if it was added (`_´)ゞ

Posted: 06-20-23 12:56 pm
by jimhenry
There are many editors available for MIDI files. However, if the file sounds like a mess when played, it very likely will look like a mess when opened in an editor. Even MIDI files that sound very nice can look like a mess when opened in an editor, especially if the MIDI was created by recording a human performance. Learning to create and edit MIDI files is very useful for using Synthesia. I would suggest that you start by learning to create a MIDI file for a simple song, something like "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", in MuseScore, which is a free music editor. MuseScore can edit MIDI files too, but I wouldn't start there when learning to use MuseScore.

Posted: 06-27-23 7:41 pm
by sukori
Do you have something similar for mobile/iPad? I don’t own a computer sadly…