Fluidsynth cuts out on macOS 12.5.1

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On macOS 12.5.1, if I use fluidsynth and a large soundFont to play my MIDI files, it will eventually hit a point where one or more of the notes will cut out (mute), just leaving a partially playing MIDI, which is annoying. I don't want to use the default MIDI soundset built into macOS, as that is just cheap quality.

How can I prevent notes from cutting out and muting? It always happens in the latter part of any song, particularly a medium to long one in length. When stopping a test of the fluidsynth input, it will be stuck on the last note(s) until I click the back button on the midi device menu. I would like fluidsynth to play the song perfectly, like how macOS does it on it's actual synth in tandem with Synthesia.

The game version is 10.9.5890, RAM total is 16GB, and the chip type is M1. It has more than enough power to actually play a thousand notes. But fluidsynth cutting out like this is jarring.

I've also noticed Synthesia sometimes creates a small burst of static on the speakers when exiting a song, or starting a game mode.
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