Option to auto-enable new music devices

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Post by Chompy »

I strongly recommend an option to auto-enable any new music devices once Synthesia detects the music device. This would also disable the default synth or the previous music device in use to prevent sound conflict. Say you want to use FluidSynth, then once the music device is added into Synthesia, the game will turn off the default audio midi synth used for the game when no music input devices are used aside from the default synth.

This might be called "Automatically enable new input MIDI devices".

Another version of this option but for output MIDI devices could also be coded.

This way, the user would not have to navigate through the menus again just to change the music devices, and add a bit of a QoL update to Synthesia. :idea:
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Post by Nicholas »

This wouldn't play nicely with most of the virtual devices out there. If you enable LoopBe1's input and output at the same time, it will detect an infinite loop and "mute" itself, which is a more confusing silent failure than just having to enable it in the first place. (I don't hear about MIDI Yoke as often these days, but that shows up as 8(!) virtual devices all at once.)

Lots of physical devices show up as multiple MIDI entries, too. I test against an Akai LPK25, which reports itself as three separate MIDI devices when you plug it in. I've seen that type of thing from at least two other manufacturers, too. Opening those new devices by default would cause all sorts of havoc with repeated/duplicated messages.
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