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Trouble with Synthesia, your keyboard, or adapter? Think you found a bug?
When describing problems, always mention your OS and game version (shown at the bottom of the title screen).
  • If your keyboard has USB or MIDI ports, there is a tremendously high chance (>99%) it will work with Synthesia. See what you'll need on the keyboards page.
  • If you have a Logitech webcam and can't get your keyboard/adapter to work, see this post.
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Post by tiffychan » 09-21-10 7:40 pm

I just downloaded Synthesia and tried to open the program, but it gave me a file called Synthesia-r1027 crash report.dmp
I downloaded the Direct X too, but Synthesia wouldn't work, for some reason :?
Help? Thanks, would be much appreciated :)

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Post by Nicholas » 09-21-10 8:03 pm

If you could, please email the crash report file to


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Post by cairnz » 09-22-10 3:52 am

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Post by Nicholas » 09-22-10 4:49 am

Hi tiffychan,

I got the email with the report, but for some reason the file was 0 bytes (totally empty). Do you know which email program you used to attach the file? Maybe there is something quirky going on there. I guess another possibility is that the file is actually empty. If you right-click on it and go to "Properties", what does it say for "Size"?

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Post by tiffychan » 09-24-10 8:26 pm

Yeah it says 0 bytes, but every time I try to run Synthesia, it doesn't work and the error file appears on my desktop :?
Maybe my computer lacks some requirements for Synthesia?
Thanks though ^^

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Post by Nicholas » 09-24-10 10:48 pm

Very strange. I've never seen the mini-dump fail like that.

I guess we can go down the check-list... it's pretty short:
- Is your video card driver up to date?
- Do you have the latest version of DirectX?
- um... that's about it.

I guess after checking those first two things, you might want to pop open the config tool and switch the video mode to use OpenGL instead of DirectX. Sometimes that helps.

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Post by tiffychan » 09-29-10 8:53 pm

I switched to OpenGL and it works now! Thank you :D

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Post by aria1121 » 09-30-10 1:04 am

Nicholas wrote:I guess we can go down the check-list... it's pretty short
See attachment. ;)
Edit: Checklist edited and reposted.
Edit2: Going a bit further... You may (very probably not) ask... What if even Nicholas can't solve a specific bug? Then lets conclude we're all screw'd. The checklist isn't mighty enough for that.
Edit3: Lol, the background colour makes me think of Peanut Butter Jelly Time. :lol:
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