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Postby jakkan » 02-14-14 12:05 pm

What's a good site to buy midi files? I'm considering buying Ho Hey by The Lumineers from hittraxmidi but I don't know much about the file.

Is it a good representation of the song?
Is it a midi for piano?
Is it simple enough to play for a beginner like me?

I appreciate help in this purchasing decision.
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Postby Nicholas » 02-15-14 4:06 pm

I know Hit Trax has been around for a long time, but I personally don't have any experience with their products. It does look like they describe their stuff as "backing tracks" so that you can play or sing on top of them. It might be worth contacting them and asking those questions directly.

The songs in our own music store are arranged specifically to answer all three of the questions ("Yes", "Yes", and "Check the listed difficulty")... but it's still early and the selection there is limited.
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Postby Purujeet » 08-22-18 10:21 am

Here is the good site to buy midi files - Piano Midi Files
Almost more than 400 midi files are available. You can request new songs as well.
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Postby Nicholas » 08-22-18 12:54 pm

That site looks nice (albeit, with a familiar-looking logo). ;)

I'm always curious to hear a fellow MIDI-seller's experience. How did you tackle the challenge of music licensing?
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Postby LucidMusicInc » 10-13-18 2:45 am

Music Notes is the best place to buy scores. Unfortunately they can’t be played in Synthaesia. I haven’t seen any sites selling contemporary midi songs, just proprietary formats and pdfs.
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