copy & paste finger hints?

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Post by snow »

Is there some way to copy & paste finger hints?
A song has same phrases, so I'd like to reuse entered finger hints.

I thought finger hints in a *.synthesia file might be edited, But it does not look easy to do that.
If there is some way to make it easier, please let me know.
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Post by Nicholas »

Editing them in .synthesia files is as easy at it gets for now, unfortunately.

There is a little documentation here. You'll probably find yourself changing a lot of measure numbers in the hints if you go that route. And unless the passages are exactly the same, verbatim, things might still not match up exactly correctly.

The short answer is that there isn't a good solution today. Copy-paste right in the app would probably be best. Although there is an open question of how you would re-sync the hints to destination notes that weren't exactly the same as the source notes.

My hope is to engage in a research project after Synthesia 11 to calculate the best fingers automatically. At that point, the finger hint interface becomes a way to offer guidance to that algorithm. So, instead of having to add dozens of hints, you might correct one or so, here-and-there, and the algorithm will take care of filling in the cracks. Think of it like adding a "key frame" to some animation program, and letting the software figure out all the fingers between that one and the next hint you add manually. The goal is to have the algorithm learn from previous passages so if it sees something similar, it will try to stay as close to what was done the previous time.

As you can imagine, having something that robust would hopefully prevent the need for copy-paste (and solve that open question at the same time).
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Post by snow »

I'm eagerly waiting for the automatic finger hints.
But that is unimplemented for now.
Thanks to your finger hints documentation, I could fulfill my demand.

I share what I did.
I edited finger hints with Excel(see the attached picture).

Then, I wrote a Ruby script.

Code: Select all

str =<<EOF
	m1	m2	m3	m4	m5	m6
t2:		6789	0987	67890987	6789098767890987	6
t3:		5432	1234	54321234	5432123454321234	1

measure = []
    ary = line.chop.split("\t")
    if ary[1] =~ /m/
      ary.each_with_index{|item, index|
          print measure[index] + ":" + item + " "
Finally I got the following lines and pasted them to Synthesia Metadata Editor.

Code: Select all

:t2: m1: m2:6789 m3:0987 m4:67890987 m5:6789098767890987 m6:6 
:t3: m1: m2:5432 m3:1234 m4:54321234 m5:5432123454321234 m6:1 
I hope this would be helpful to others.
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Post by Pianotehead »

Great way to automate the finger hint editing process, thanks for sharing. A long time ago I was trying to find a quicker way to make finger hints insertion easier, by converting Excel files into CSV files. I don't know how one can move the numbers from the line below to the line above, that way, as you do with your script. Very good.
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