Casio LK-175 Lighted Keyboard and Synthesia

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Postby someone101 » 01-09-15 10:24 pm

Good Day

Been using Synthesia with a Casio LK-175 keyboard which the keyboard has some built in training which lights the keys to be played

I was wondering if its possible to have Synthesia light up the Casio keyboard also (IE. Highlight the keys on the Casio during Synthesia training)

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Postby Nicholas » 01-10-15 12:59 am

Try this:

  1. Go to the Settings screen.
  2. Choose your LK-175 in the Music Output list.
  3. In the "Use this device for" list, choose Key Lights.
  4. Click through each channel until you see the test pattern on your keyboard's keys. (It'll probably be Channel 1, 3 or 4.)
After that, Synthesia should be able to use the lights on your keyboard. Let me know if that helps!
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Postby someone101 » 01-10-15 12:38 pm

Hi Nicholas

Works perfectly!

My son says thank you!


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Postby redrules81 » 05-17-18 7:33 pm

Can the lights not be blinking and just stay lit till I pay them??
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