Yamaha P-45

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Post by Penguins »

Hi all.

I am new to playing the piano and I'm thinking of getting the Yamaha P-45 (http://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/musica ... mode=model)
I'm getting this keyboard because of it's sleek looks, 88 keys, no extra buttons that I will never use and mostly likable- weighted keys!

Anyway. Does anyone know if this keyboard will work with Synthesia? It does have a USB to Host port.

Many Thanks
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Post by Nicholas »

Yep, the P-45 should work just fine. :D
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Post by Penguins »

Thanks. I also take it that the The Yamaha PSR-E series will work too providing it has USB to HOST.
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Post by mikegmo »

I have a PSR-E433 which works just fine with Synthesia but I've abandoned it because it only has 61 keys.
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Post by danjones9 »

If you never ended up deciding on the P-45. I would say to go for the Roland FP-10! I recently got it for my son and he's crazy about it.

You can read more about the FP-10 here:

https://keyboardkraze.com/roland-fp-10- ... maha-p-45/
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Post by mahen »

Yeah it seems the Roland FP 10 is much better in terms of "keyboard action", and somehow better in terms of sound quality. The only cons (as far as playing the piano is concerned) is that it's got not so powerful speakers (but it's good enough for a living room).

The Roland FP 30 is like an upgraded FP 10 (better speakers, probably more features) but still the same keyboard & sound quality.

Keyboard quality & sound quality are obviously the most important factors. I'm quite frustrated, in the city I live in in France, the instruments shop has a contract with Yamaha and cannot sell Roland products !
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