Custom named bookmarks and Transpose function

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Post by clpianostudio »

Hi there,

Thank you so much for all your hard work with Synthesia! It is one of my favorite apps and I use it everyday! I just really want to suggest 2 features that I desperately need in order to practice more efficiently. Can you please add the ability to custom name each bookmark so we can save them and come back later to finish practicing our music in a more organized manner? Pleeeeeeeeeease can you add this to the next update for both iOS and Mac versions of Synthesia? Also, can we please finally get a transpose button for our midi files so we can transpose our music and practice in different keys? This is so crucial for musicians. Please add these features to the next update. I would even be willing to pay you directly to add these features to my app! I’m very serious about that, I would pay you. That’s how much I desperately need these features. Thank you so much for your attention to this matter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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Post by jimhenry »

Carl makes a good point about transpose because he asks for transposition of the MIDI file, not the keys. As best I can recall, previous transpose requests have been for transposing the keyboard input so that when you play a C it plays another key. Or maybe I wasn't reading the requests correctly because I was stuck on what the transpose feature is on a keyboard. Having the ability to transpose the MIDI file so you can learn a song in another key is a very worthwhile feature. I don't know if it would work with MusicXML. My guess is no. But even if sheet music from MusicXML can't be transposed, it is still worthwhile to be able to transpose everything else.

Plus 1 for transpose MIDI.
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Post by Nicholas »

Unfortunately, everything from the last time transpose came up still applies. Even more so with the upcoming MusicXML support, like Jim mentioned. Transpose support inside Synthesia adds another dimension of data recording. Instead of "Here are your performance results for song X played in mode Y" it becomes "Here are your results for song X played in mode Y with transpose T". It breaks finger hints, complicates all the data, and makes the song setup/customization process one step longer ("Oh, wait, I forgot to change the transpose back...")

I agree it would be a nice convenience. But for something that can be accomplished in 30 seconds using any of the free MIDI editors, I'm afraid I can't justify the tremendous cost to add it to Synthesia. Sorry! :(

(As for named bookmarks... it's a little less convenient, but you can already do this two different ways. You can use a MIDI editor to create MIDI markers right in the song. Synthesia shows their names in the falling note area. Or, you can use the metadata editor to add named bookmarks, too!)
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