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Postby Nicholas » 12-21-18 8:04 am

Not yet. Synthesia 10.5 was just last month and there have been seven bug-fix updates to the Android version since then! (It's been a busy holiday season so far!)

The good news is that the very next Synthesia 11 dev preview is the one that will allow full-screen sheet music, so there shouldn't be too much longer of a wait.
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Postby spstarr » 12-24-18 9:30 pm

Looking forward to trying this out Nicholas, very much so, great work :D
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Postby Korados » 12-28-18 12:28 pm

Nicholas wrote:If you're still getting clipping, you might even try reducing the volume on the Settings --> Built-in MIDI Synthesizer screen down below 100%. That may solve it.

So, a bit of nomenclature: both Synthesia and VirtualMIDISynth use BASSMIDI under the hood. In this case, "I guess Bassmidi doesn't preload..." is contradictory because "... like Coolsoft's Midi Synth" implies it does. ;)

What you mean to say is that Synthesia doesn't preload the fonts. And you would be correct. Until the next silent 10.5 update where it will preload fonts by default (but let you turn it off if you don't want to multiply Synthesia's RAM use by 10-200x when loading giant SoundFonts). :D

Oh, I wasn't aware of that. I only use the General User Soudfont, and it's only 35 MB big, so I guess preloading it wouldn't use so much RAM. I'm looking forward to the next update!
I wish you a happy new year!
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Postby revilo2 » 04-04-19 10:20 am

In the final version of Synthesia 11, the display of the score will be the same as a musescore's score ?

What about barlines ?
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Postby Nicholas » 04-04-19 12:56 pm

The goal is to be very close to MuseScore's display. It won't be 100% identical, but I'll take 95% instead of what is probably closer to 20% today.

What did you mean about bar lines? How are they different?
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Postby revilo2 » 04-05-19 2:08 am

I'll will try to explain this in english (not easy for me) :

I was talking about the barlines of the score : "Start repeat" and "End repeat"

Musescore display the whole score and manage the barlines as a musician will do :

When the cursor is at the "End repeat" position (for the first time), it return the the 'Start repeat" position.

But Synthesia doesn't display the whole score.... :)
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Postby Nicholas » 04-05-19 9:26 am

Repeated sections are on the list for Synthesia 11 with a MusicXML file that contains them.

For MIDI files it would be trickier because we'd need some algorithm for comparing measures and detecting repeats manually (because that information isn't stored in a MIDI file), so I'm holding off on those for now.
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Postby spstarr » 04-06-19 12:04 am

For the Sheet music mode, will we be able to show the letters of the notes on the staff? This looks great so far!
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Postby Nicholas » 04-06-19 12:20 am

The musical font we're using includes note heads with labels, so it's a possibility. (You'd have to scale the music up pretty far to make any use out of them though.)

So far I've only got a note on my internal Synthesia 11 roadmap that they exist. It's more of a "stretch goal" at this point with how long Synthesia 11 development has already been ongoing and how much is still left. If it doesn't make it into 11.0, I'm hoping to clean up any of the missing features during a few small 11.x updates that will follow shortly afterward.
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Postby revilo2 » 04-09-19 7:32 am

and fingering ?
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Postby Nicholas » 04-09-19 12:50 pm

That one will definitely be included. Those are just little numbers above/below the staff, and Synthesia is going to have to know how to draw a variety of text styles there already for other things, too.
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