How to convert a pdf sheet music in a MIDI file?

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Post by Pianlo » 06-17-17 5:04 pm

Yeah, that's my question

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Post by Nicholas » 06-17-17 10:49 pm

There are a few third-party apps out there that try to do something like this. (The results are of varying quality. Especially depending on whether the PDF is of a scanned sheet of paper or if it was "printed" directly to PDF from a music notation program.)

A solution that always works (and with the best level of accuracy) is to re-enter the music from the PDF into a music composition app.

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Post by IvanL » 06-18-17 2:31 am

Pianlo, it's much less work to keep looking for a MIDI or MXML. is usually pretty good.

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Post by qwerty654321 » 03-23-18 4:24 am

SmartScore X Pro

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Post by anthonyme00 » 04-09-18 10:12 am

i found this site that offers it for free, you'll need to open it with musescore 2, which is free, after which you can export it into a midi file.

it's powered by this <- an open source optical music recognition program.
Depends on your luck though.

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