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Posted: 09-21-17 5:29 am
by anykey
Hi Everyone,

I have a Komplete Kontrol S61 and really wanted to use this with Synthesia. I did find a complicated way a while back to, but it would turn on all the lights and highlight the key that need to be played. I wanted something better, so I reversed engineered the Komplete Kontrol USB protocol to control the lights (was much easier then I thought) and wrote a simple python program to receive the MIDI keys from Synthesia and based on that control the Lights on the Komplete Kontrol.

You can found the program/code here:

As the Komplete Kontrol supports multiple colors, it would be nice if Synthesia would indicate in the midi commands if something is left hand or right hand, I could then easily make the keyboard lit up 2 seperate colors for the left and right hand.


Posted: 09-21-17 11:16 am
by Nicholas
Answer for the two-hand question, here. :)

Posted: 10-06-17 1:13 am
by JonHolstein
Is this the current thread on the software by Anykey?

Seems really interesting. I haven't yet invested in synthesia... (no studio computer, and I have some plans for a separate practise set-up with a large screen above the keyboard). But I would like to follow the progress of that software. There are new versions of the Kontrol Series out now... Strangely no 88 key yet, but new products sometimes means broken software compability. Full lightguide support for synthesia makes the Kontrols even more versatile. (really strange that NI hasn't written a proper bridge software themselves, it could increase their sales of Kontrol keyboards, and thus probably get them some upgrades of the included Select software as well)