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Posted: 12-11-19 2:55 am
by bluestreak711
It is December 11, 2019 and I am running Windows 10 and I would say this program worked for me 96% perfect on the first try. Everything recorded an octave higher, but I can play with the settings and most likely fix that. An 88 Key Piano was showing on the screen and the first key is A0 and the last key is C8 and that is how I set it. If you do a rewrite of the program, I would suggest adding a +1 to the variable(s) that dictates selecting the octaves and it should be right. Awesome find!!! Thanks so much!!!

Posted: 03-20-20 3:24 pm
by thiagolr
Would you share the source code in GPL v3?

Posted: 05-25-20 3:33 am
by stepir
Hi Anthony

thanks a lot for your work!!! it works really well - I had to spend a day in different try to fully understand but then I was able to convert 7 videos I really wanted to start my lessons :-)

I'm wondering why those contents can't be published given it's based on videos already public? With proper references to who created the original content I mean?

Posted: 06-12-20 10:00 pm
by Westie
I would like to request the source to this please. This software uses FFMpeg which is GPLv3 licensed and therefore, as you stated so is this software. However there is no source released yet binaries are distributed.

Can you please upload the source , perhaps to github.

Posted: 06-12-20 10:01 pm
by Westie
thiagolr wrote: 03-20-20 3:24 pm Would you share the source code in GPL v3?
They are compelled to as they are using FFMpeg, disappointing the source was not distributed when you asked as they are on breach of the GPL currently.

Posted: 06-13-20 12:59 pm
by thiagolr
Anyway, no problem, I'm already implementing my own as you may have seen on the other topic!

Posted: 06-13-20 7:04 pm
by Westie
Agreed. This tool is quite smart in the way it defines the keyboard, I was curious about that function basically.

Posted: 01-17-23 2:29 pm
I can’t donwload it :?

Posted: 01-17-23 2:31 pm
It say that i have not acess to download it.