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Post by lilalinux » 01-03-20 7:38 am

It works with the AmazonBasics Cable! ... UTF8&psc=1

Thank you!

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Post by Nicholas » 01-03-20 11:38 pm

That's great news! Thanks for the follow-up.

This is the first time that poor USB cables have been on my radar as something to watch out for. With both a first-hand and second-hand account of a better cable fixing a problem, this will be something I ask about sooner now.

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Post by Nicholas » 03-24-20 1:18 am

jimhenry wrote:
12-31-19 12:22 pm
If I remember correctly, it is bad practice to connect a shield at both ends of a cable. If connected at both ends, a current can flow in the shield and create a field rather than shielding the proper conductors contained in the shield from external electrical fields.
While reading a few articles about electrical ground and ground loop just now, I was reminded of this discussion and would like to revisit it now, months later. :lol:

I think we were both right! "Carefully terminated to the connector" doesn't necessarily mean "connected to ground"! I believe the guidelines for "carefully terminat[ing]" it are just so there is no point along the physical connection that is unshielded. That's a good thing. But electrically connecting that same connector's shield to ground could cause a ground loop, like you described.

Now the "preventing high frequency energy from coupling to the shield" wording in the guideline I quoted makes more sense: if they were connected on both sides, it wouldn't be a question of coupling; there's already a direct connection for noise and all sorts of bad stuff to make it through. You only have to worry about coupling if there isn't a direct connection on both ends. So the quote from my evidence implies your assertion. I like it! :D

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Post by jimhenry » 03-24-20 10:00 am

I agree that is a good reconciliation of the confusing and mysterious business of shielded cables.
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