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Postby meirppp » 01-31-18 6:24 am

Hi Nicholas

I wonder if you could to add the ability to sign the falling notes with the names and finger hint number too?
It wull be helpfull

Best regards
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Postby Nicholas » 01-31-18 7:46 am

Did you mean on the hand assignment screen? Or haven't you seen the finger hint editing mode before? (That's an older video; the icon to enter finger hint mode is at the top-right now; press F1 to see a list of what each button up there does.)
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Postby meirppp » 01-31-18 3:55 pm

I mean the two thimgs togrther. finger hint and note on the same one.
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Postby Nicholas » 02-04-18 2:25 pm

Because most gestures (left/right click, one/two finger touch and drag, etc.) are already being used on the hand splitting screen, I'd be worried about adding too much more complexity in the same place. I already worry that even adding the new speaker icon at the top-right will add a little confusion about how the left and right "tool palettes" work.

I do agree that the two features are rather tightly interrelated. Really, assigning fingers is giving practically the same information as the hand-split. If it were normal to add finger hints to every single note, you'd only need the one source of information. At the very least, Synthesia could probably warn you when a note is tagged as, say, belonging to the left hand but there is a finger hint on it for the right hand. That should cause something like the number to pulse red when you're in finger hint editing mode.
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Postby meirppp » 02-07-18 1:11 pm

I mean like this:

4.png (147.12 KiB) Viewed 1423 times
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Postby Nicholas » 02-07-18 1:30 pm

Where you put the extra label on very short notes? Does one get preferred over the other?
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Postby meirppp » 02-08-18 10:35 am

If there is a very short note i will put only one label.

Best Regards
Meir Weizman
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Postby lucoot » 05-23-18 4:20 pm

I'd love to be able to see both labels sometimes. Personally, when space is limited I'd give preference to the note over the finger, but that's just me. In a dream world, the font size could be adjusted so the labels could be more subtle on large screens.

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