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Postby ojacques » 04-04-18 8:00 pm


Following the great work from anykey who came up with a first version for Komplete Kontrol MK1, Jason Bret who figured out more details on KK mk2 USB protocol, and Nicholas's support for custom lighting schemes, I wrote Synthesia Kontrol to use Synthesia in conjunction with Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol keyboards and their light guides.
I did this is for my son who started to be interested in keyboard playing through Synthesia Youtube videos!

It supports:
- Guiding lights during playback and different learn modes
- Different colors for left / right hands
- Different color for thumb

There are still rough edges and bugs here and there, which I probably need to work on with Nicholas, but you can see work in progress and code here:

Preview video:

Hopefully this can be useful for some of you too and be the base for native support of Komplete Kontrol Keyboards in Synthesia!
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Postby Nicholas » 04-04-18 11:37 pm

That looks really nice!
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Postby ojacques » 04-10-18 7:01 pm

Thank you for the nice words @Nicholas.

There is a version (Windows only for now) one can download:

I'm looking for testers for Komplete Kontrol MK2 25 and 88 keys, as well as KK MK1. Just reach out in this thread.
I don't expect MK2 25 or 88 keys to work yet. Nor KK MK1: I need to work on that. This is why I'd need testers...
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Postby a1vv » 07-27-18 8:38 am

I have a KK S88 mk1, and I've been looking for a way to have the lights on my keyboard only light up when I press on the corresponding keys - as in having all the keys black except the ones I'm pressing down. I've tried both yours and Anykey's Synthesia-Kontrol, although I haven't gotten them to work. When I run anykey's '' it simply returns "No komplete device found", even though the keyboard is plugged in and works. Even if I were to get it to work with my KK, both of these programs are built to work with synthesia, which I don't use. It seems to me like it would/should be possible to write something that allows for the keylights to be triggered by the MIDI notes sent out by the keyboard.

I would love to help test SynthesiaKontrol out on my kk mk1 though, if that would be helpful. I'll mess around a bit and see if I can get something to work for me, but I'm not that good at python so we'll so how that goes.

EDIT: I found the product key for my keyboard (1410) and changed the product ID in anykey's code to 0x1410. Now it recognizes my keyboard when I run
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Postby a1vv » 08-12-18 6:42 am

I managed to get what I wanted to work, as I posted on the NI-forums: ... 806/page-2

I'll see if I can get your code to work for my keyboard, I think I'd only have to change the offset and the way it sends colors, but I'll give it a shot.

Also, I think I figured out how to calculate the note offset, (offset=108-numkeys+1). The offset for my S88 was 21, and the offset for a S61 was 48. 108-88+1=21, 108-61+1=48. Could be useful when making a program like this easier to use, instead of finding out the offset yourself you'd only have to input the number of keys on the keyboard.
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Postby a1vv » 08-12-18 6:58 am

I got it to work! I modified your code and made a version that should work with all MK1 keyboards, as long as you change the product id and input the right number of keys.
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