Small APP for mobiledevice to control synthesia on PC

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Postby Lumukko » 05-11-18 5:37 am

In cases where piano is a little far from PC to use synthesia menu, change songs etc. without jumping from piano chair to PC chair an app with ability to controll synthesia menu over same wifi network would make things faster and easier.
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Postby Nicholas » 05-11-18 4:00 pm

If you find an app for your tablet that can configure itself as a MIDI device, (iPads can create virtual MIDI ports and become network MIDI devices that show up on Macs automatically and on PCs if you run rtpMIDI), you could connect to that tablet as a MIDI device inside Synthesia. Then, all the Settings --> Shortcuts could be bound to various things.

That would be one way to accomplish what you're looking for, today.
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Postby jimhenry » 05-11-18 6:27 pm

Look at TouchOSC. I believe it is available for iOS and for Android.
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