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Postby mapleparty » 05-12-18 7:37 am

Hi, I've seen a post about F140R Bluetooth connection problem. I'm about to buy it. I'm a user of Synthesia, and I want to make 100% sure that it can be connected.
So I wanna ask.......
1. Is F140R available to be connected to a IOS device by Bluetooth?
2.If not, can it be connected by wire?
3. Is F140R available to be connected to a windows device by Bluetooth?
4.If not, can it be connected by wire?
Thank you guys so much. Synthesia has helped me a lot on piano learning.
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Postby Nicholas » 05-12-18 8:35 pm

Interestingly, it's hard to say whether most people end up getting things working. We hear from all sorts of users with all sorts of hardware trouble, but it is quite rare that someone comes back to give a follow-up after they get things working.

So it's easy to tell that Roland wireless keyboard features tend to give people some initial trouble, but whether the eventual result is "it just took tweaking one setting" or "after hours of troubleshooting, I was never able to get it working".

General Bluetooth answers (for your #1 and #3 questions): the iPad is the most stable platform we've seen when it comes to Bluetooth connections. Apple is the company that's responsible for pushing the Bluetooth MIDI spec through and so far they seem to support it the best. On the Windows side, you'll need at least Windows 10.

All of that said, a wired (USB or MIDI) connection always has a much higher chance of success. As long as you steer clear of the generic, white-label MIDI adapters, things will almost always work.
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Postby mapleparty » 05-17-18 6:12 am

It seems like it should be working. Thank you for your reply. If Bluetooth is not working, at least we still get usb on F140R. Thank you so much.
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