Synthesia 10.4 and r4664 do not open

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Postby silvrica » 05-13-18 2:20 am


I have been using Synthesia for several years with no problem. Today, I downloaded Synthesia 10.4 and r4664 and I cannot open them. When I open Task Manager/ Processes, the program is there, but it doesn't run. I reinstalled Synthesia 10.3 and everything is fine.

I have a PC laptop running Windows 10.
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Postby Nicholas » 05-13-18 2:43 am

The official 10.4 version doesn't run either? How strange. We knew of a bug in a preview version of Windows 10 that was preventing Synthesia from shutting down correctly (it would just stay listed in task manager the way you described). But not only did we work around that bug in r4664, but we even contacted Microsoft and they fixed the problem before the most recent Windows 10 April Update. (And it was during shutdown, not startup... so that's three reasons it's not the same bug you are describing. :lol: )

If open Synthesia's data folder (Start key + R, "shell:appdata\Synthesia", click OK), what are the last few lines in log.txt? That might give a clue as to where things are getting hung up.

EDIT: Something else just occurred to me that you might be able to try. Head over to the program folder and either delete, move, or rename the "win10-midi.dll" file. Does that get the app to start normally?
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Postby silvrica » 05-13-18 11:42 am

Yes! I delete "win10-midi.dll" file and the app starts fine. Can I use CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth with 10.4 version?

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Postby Nicholas » 05-13-18 4:44 pm

Yes. (Coincidentally, to use VirtualMidiSynth you would have also needed to delete win10-midi.dll! :D )

Anyway, it's good to hear that was a solution. In 10.5, because Microsoft's new MIDI API has been causing so much trouble, we're not going to enable it by default. It will be there in case someone has a special need for it (mostly for Bluetooth MIDI), but it won't cause that kind of trouble otherwise for everyone else.
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