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Postby davidmcdavid » 05-13-18 5:39 am

Right now "Zoom->Song Only" is a one time action that zooms to the width of the song that happens to be playing in that moment.
If you change songs the new song plays with a zoom-level that was applicable to the old song.
You have to choose "Zoom->Song Only" again to correct this.

I would be much better if "Zoom->Song Only" were a mode that always zooms to the width of whatever song is playing.

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Postby Nicholas » 05-13-18 4:53 pm

Which version of Synthesia does it say you're using (at the lower-right corner of the title screen)?

I just tried this with a handful of songs in 10.4.4395 and they all changed to the new song-only zoom automatically.
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Postby davidmcdavid » 05-19-18 7:38 am

I'm not sure what happened there because I went back and tried it again and it worked.
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Postby Nicholas » 05-25-18 4:31 am

Hmm, this may be intermittent. I was using Synthesia the other day for unrelated reasons (playing a few nursery rhymes with my two year old, actually :lol: ) and I think I saw it happen once. I tried again but it worked correctly the next time. So, I'll definitely take a look to see which strange set of circumstances might cause it to misbehave!
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