Learning Hand Positioning for songs

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Postby dv4906 » 05-13-18 6:40 pm

I was wondering how can I learn hand positioning for songs that I'm trying to learn. It would be cool to be able to see hand position for each key played in the song. vs trying to use my hand whichever way to make the song. I think it would be more efficient to learn from experienced players and mimic their hand positioning playing the song.

Please help how I can set it up for songs. Thank you.
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Postby Nicholas » 05-15-18 1:33 am

Outside of trying to infer hand position from the finger hints (a lot of the built-in easy-to-medium pieces leave your hands in the same spot through the whole song), there isn't a way to do this in Synthesia today.

I would love to add it someday though. I still have visions of adding a pair of anatomically-correct, animated, 3D hands to demonstrate correct playing technique. There are around two or three major research projects between here and there, though.

Otherwise, in terms of finding a good hand position in general (outside of Synthesia), I actually don't know of a good solution there, either. I'm sure there will be books with suggestions, but that advice will probably sound a lot like that for fingering: find something that is comfortable, moves as little as possible, then learn it and stick with it consistently.
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Postby stephenhazel » 05-15-18 5:26 pm

yeah, hand position comes from the fingering numbers.

and that's on you, not synthesia.

only you can determine when to hop your hand.

the more pro pianists ONLY put fingering numbers in WHEN there's a hand position change.

good luck :) It's a SUPER huge part of piano playing and can't currently be done well by computers (if at all).
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Postby cmplays » 05-20-18 6:49 pm

I think it's a skill you acquire from experience, and experience comes from playing beginner pieces with finger hints marked for you. Fortunately, Synthesia provides just that. If you play all the built in pieces from the easiest to the hardest level, you will practice many fingering patterns that you can apply later on with your own pieces. It's been mostly working out for me, although I must say it's difficult -- often I have to go back and change the fingering I select several times.
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