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Postby redrules81 » 05-14-18 8:53 pm

Under points earned, what is time spent? If the piece is 5 minutes long and my actual speed is 98% with 46 errors & there are always 1643 notes hit, then why does it say Time Spent= 18:15.1.

Also, how are points determined? For the same example previously stated it says my points are 9555. So how did I get 9562 points going only 86% Actual speed with 49 errors, which are 3 more & Time Spent is 20:41.1?
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Postby Nicholas » 05-15-18 1:39 am

This topic describes the scoring algorithm.

In this instance, the difference in score you noticed probably came down to which percentage of the time you were holding the key down for longer notes. Although, that is admittedly kind of a strange metric that feels more video game'y than it might have anything to do with playing a piano well. The Synthesia 12 release will be focused on revamping the scoring and progress metrics completely, in favor of something more pedagogically-sound. The idea so far is to track things on a measure-by-measure basis so you'll be able to compare areas where you're doing well with areas that need more work.
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Postby redrules81 » 05-15-18 3:05 pm

Thank you. What is time spent? I just played the piece in about 5 min according to the timer while I'm paying and my own timing but it says time spent was over 30 minutes which can't be even close to accurate.
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