Problem when connecting multiple bluetooth devices

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Postby martin » 05-17-18 8:25 am

As a teacher I love the new Bluetooth connectivity where it is possibillity to charge ipad and use synthesia simultaniously. With this feature the ipad app is seriously compatible with the pc app.
I bought 5 Yamaha UD-BT01 and connected them to my keyboards, but I was sorry to find out that once I unplugged the UD-BT01´s Synthesia had forgotten which Ipad that was connected to which keyboard. Furthermore and cannot give the UD-BT01´s different names and thereby pairing them manually.

Am I doing something wrong? If not I would really appriciate a feature where once you paired an ipad and a Yamaha UD-BT01, this pairing was remembered, also if you turn off the power.
Without this, it will hard to use the Bluetooth connected Ipad app in a school situation, where many keyboards are used at the same time.

Thanks in advance!
Greetings Martin
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