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Postby SaFteiNZz » 05-22-18 12:42 pm

Hey everyone, how are you?

I don't know if any mod does this itself without needing an update from the developers...
Currently you can see the sheet music but only on top of the falling squares and only one line that you can zoom in/out, I would love to only see the sheet having the option to zoom in/out too without overlap the existing option.


Right now when I wanna learn a song I show the sheet and the falling squares let me expect better what key is the one in the sheet, though when I get used to the song I would like to play watching only the sheet as we all know is the best thing to learn about piano.

What i mean in pics :mrgreen:

Right now:


A option to hide the piano preview would complement it very well.

I did it with photoshop to make you get my point, it should look like you following a pdf file but having synthesia tracking your errors, play speed %, etc... And let us zoom in/out it.

Hope you agree with me, of course if there's a way to do this already I would be very interested to know it.

Kind regards.
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Postby Nicholas » 05-22-18 2:32 pm

This feature is on its way! :D

The upcoming Synthesia 11 release is focused entirely on improving the sheet music, including a full-screen, multi-line display.
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Postby SaFteiNZz » 05-22-18 2:40 pm

LOVELY!! Can't wait for it ! Thanks! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Postby RobertM » 06-01-18 3:28 am

I love this software, used it to learn how to play, now took up piano lessons to learn all the other stuff, just being able to review sheet music while removing the falling notes etc would be a great way of learning to read music. So looking forward to the new release.
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Postby gpaper » 10-13-18 12:27 am

This option would be awesome! Is it planned to be supported in the video creator and by command line too?
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Postby Nicholas » 10-15-18 11:47 am

Hopefully. I think the longer term plan for the Video Creator will be to roll it right into the main desktop (PC/Mac) version of Synthesia. That will simplify a lot of things (you'll be able to change settings right before clicking "Export Video", etc.) and the main app already has good support for command-line options.

Synthesia 11 is our top priority, so I'm not planning to make any changes to the Video Creator (or even release a 10.5 version when Synthesia 10.5 goes out), so this project is still a little ways out.
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Postby Pianoforever » 02-16-19 1:39 am

This was one of the question that I want to know... :)

That will be a great Option Full screen sheet where Synthesia wait for the right note..

The other one is..

If there is an update..
Did I do pay for it again.....

Thank you..
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Postby Nicholas » 02-16-19 10:39 am

This is actually what we're working on right now. The very next dev preview will be the "multiple lines of sheet music" preview. :)

(And it won't be any additional purchase. An unlock key works in all future versions of Synthesia: updates are free forever.)
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