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Postby lucoot » 05-23-18 4:38 pm

I have a large (22in) Android Tablet I use. I think I'd benefit a lot by having it vertical so I can see more music at the expense of horizontal space (which I have plenty of). So, I'd love to be able to use the app with the tablet vertical.


Edit: Searched more and found that portrait mode may be on the version 12 road map. :)
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Postby Nicholas » 05-25-18 4:09 am

Actually, it may be coming even sooner!

It makes a lot of sense to support portrait mode on devices in a more official capacity for the sheet-music-focused Synthesia 11 release, especially on Android phones that already suffer from their small screens. And, in the spirit of trying to find pieces of 11 to spin off into smaller releases so you guys don't have to wait so long, there may even be an argument for something like a Synthesia 10.6 release specifically for that feature: small screen support + portrait mode.

(Out of curiosity, which model Android tablet are you using? 22 inches is huge!)
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Postby lucoot » 05-27-18 3:36 am

That would be sweet!
I got this generic all-in-one/tablet on alibaba, they even make it in 32in. I am absolutely loving it paired with Synthesia! ... 2fc2MirVrU
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