Feature Request: To Read Notes on the Falling Bars

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Post by arthurwhite » 06-03-18 2:42 pm

So I am trying to learn to sight read or read the notes (and also play by ear, eventually).

So I believe there are these falling green and blue bars which indicate what we are supposed to play.
That is lovely but it is hard to keep an eye on that as well as the sheet music.

If instead of these plain falling green / blue rounded rectangles & squares (quadrilaterals?) if instead the note symbols (whether its an A note or a G note) was embedded in the quadrilateral (along with the finger number) that would be great because it would permit me to read the notes or associate the note I am playing with the finger I am using on the piano.

Does this make sense?

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Post by Nicholas » 06-05-18 4:33 am

You can add some labels to the falling note blocks including both the names (C, D, D#, etc.) and finger number. See this guide for details.

One limitation: you can only show one type of label at a time (so, finger numbers OR note names).

The built-in songs include finger numbers, but for outside songs you'll need to add them yourself. This old video shows how to add them. To enter finger hint editing mode, just press 'N' while a song is playing (or click the hand icon at the top-right corner of the screen).

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