I can't get the number of keys to register

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Postby johnmacomber » 06-04-18 1:19 am


I have an M-Audio Oxygen 49, connected by USB, and it shows up perfectly fine within Synthesia as an active keyboard, however I have tried to play the lowest and highest note to establish the range several times now, and it will not take.

What can I do?


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Postby Nicholas » 06-24-18 8:53 pm

Hi John,

Sorry for the wait on this! Were you ever able to get this resolved?

There are a few things you might try. First, make sure there aren't any other MIDI-enabled apps open. Even a browser tab that is using a MIDI device will cause it to be locked out from Synthesia.

Next, if that still doesn't help, you might try a different (black) USB 2.0 port instead of the (more common these days, blue) USB 3.0 port. We've seen poor USB 3.0 system drivers cause incompatibilities with 2.0 devices, even though the whole point of the standard was 100% backwards compatibility.
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